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December 18, 2006

Generation gap.

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For Chanukah, Hadarya’s grandma Bonnie gave her a gold bracelet that belonged to Jenn when she was a little girl. When we opened the gift, Jenn exclaimed “Yay! Hadarya’s first bling!”

Bonnie: “Her what?!”

Us: “Bling. It’s slang for jewelry.”

Bonnie: “I’ve never heard that.”

Us: “We’re not that surprised.”

The next day, Bonnie told us that she spoke with her sister, our Aunt Judy, and told her that she gave Hadarya her first “blink.” This morning, I recovered enough from laughing at that to send Bonnie today’s AWAD word: bling-bling.

Good advice.

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At Jenn’s staff holiday party a couple of weeks ago, I ended up talking to another husband – a former teacher and current ironworker – who has lived long enough to have acquired a great deal of wisdom that he’s able to sum up in three cardinal rules. At least two of the rules apply as much to infancy as they do to advanced age, so I related to them as a young dad. The third… well, it’s universal.

  1. Never pass up a bathroom.
  2. Never miss an opportunity for a nap.
  3. Never let an erection go to waste, even if you’re by yourself.

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