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January 30, 2007

Long time coming.

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I am a newbie to Metafilter, having heard of it but never visited until today, prompted by the interview with its founder, Matt Haughey, on BoingBoingBoing, the podcast from the folks at BoingBoing. So I added MeFi to my Google Reader collection, and scanned the home page for things to jump out at me. The Wikipedia List of Unusual Articles post from January 29 included ETAOIN SHRDLU, which was sufficiently fun to prompt this very post of mine.

See? That’s how blogging works.

January 29, 2007


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Teach Kids Peace is a group worth noting.
I’m going to try turning off my filter and post every time I think to myself “Hey, that’s cool!” (normally I bookmark or add stuff to my list).

January 12, 2007

Comedy is good.

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I’m a few days behind the leading edge on this, but I imagine there are still plenty of people who haven’t seen this (and have never heard of the man responsible), so enjoy (thanks to David Malki, creator of the wonderful Wondermark comic):

January 11, 2007

Me? Pedantic?! No!

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I expect better from an institution like Time Magazine (well, in this case): In their photoessay on the life, reign, and death of Saddam Hussein, they goof in the caption for photo 5. Note the reference to the persons sitting “to Saddam’s left” and “to his right”:

Which one is his wife again?

This isn’t as egregious as the fauxtography scandals from last summer’s Lebanon War and other instances, but it shows a sloppiness that shouldn’t make it past a decent editor.

January 10, 2007

Not one, but two “Whaaa?!” moments in one day.

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You know, the rub-your-eyes-with-your-fists, lean-your-head-forward-with-a-quizzical-look moment…

1. My campus is closed this coming Monday for what is labeled on the official campus calendar software “Martin Luthor King Day.” Apparently, Lex himself was an evil twin of a pioneering civil rights leader who changed the face of this country forever. Either that, or we’ve been spelling MLK’s name wrong this whole time. Oopsy.

2. I thought my life up until today was pretty good: I live in the richest country in the world, I’m free to express myself as I see fit (and I have the high speed Internet access to exercise that right), I’m healthy, not poor, not hungry; I am married to a beautiful woman, I have a gorgeous, well-behaved baby daughter, and I’m surrounded by amazing family and friends at every turn. Yet there was a gap, a gaping chasm in my existence that I was not aware of. But today it is filled. I now know that San Diego is the all time winner in the street names category: Caminito De Oi Vay. My life is NOW complete.

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