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October 30, 2007

Our society is doomed, Reason #1,000,000

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Dear God, what is this country coming to?

Direct from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, our favorite nanny government agency: Serious Head Injuries Prompt Recall of Bumbo Baby Sitter Seats.

Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Hazard: If the seat is placed on a table, countertop, chair, or other elevated surface, young children can arch their backs, flip out of the Bumbo seat, and fall onto the floor, posing a risk of serious head injuries.

And here’s my favorite bit, as a Bumbo user with a working brain:

The back of the seat contains the following “WARNING” – “Never use on a raised surface. Never use as a car seat or bath seat. Designed for floor level use only.

Did you get that? The warning is about people who put their kids in the Bumbo seat ON A RAISED SURFACE, when the chair has a warning printed right on it reading “NEVER USE ON A RAISED SURFACE.”

It would make me sad, except that the people who do this to their children shouldn’t reproduce in the first place.

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