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January 31, 2008

If Rube Goldberg were working today…

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He’d be proud of the Dutch company HEMA:

Thanks to MH

January 28, 2008

Fun on Monday

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end of the day, just saw this link on (in a completely unrelated thread):

Raiders of the Lost Ark as an animated GIF in 2:20 min.:

January 25, 2008

Friday hilarity

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First, thanks to my silly brother-in-law Dave for this collection of important advice about taking care of babies. Some highlights:
Feeding your baby - Do & Don't
Playing with your Baby - Do & Don't

Next, thanks to my always-reliable father for sacrificing the copious amounts of free time on his hands precious moments in between looking for work to pass along these fantastic finds from Youtube:
First, from the also always-reliable Firesign Theater, a name forever carved into my mind from my days of performing humorous interp pieces in high school speech & debate competitions: Revenge of the Non-Smokers

Then, this inspired piece of work uploaded, somewhat inexplicably, by some San Jose Sharks fan: The Downfall of the Cowboys

And finally, thanks to one of my favorite webcomic artists, David Malki (!), is this hilarious look inside the evil world domination industry: Expendable

January 22, 2008

Inspired tribute to two great bands at once

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The Beatnix are an Australian Beatles tribute band, and back in the 90s they created this brilliant piece of work:

January 15, 2008

Geeky Comedic Genius

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I first became aware of British standup comedian Eddie Izzard some years ago when a friend of mine online kept using the phrase “jeezy creezy” in place of Jesus Christ. Since then, I’ve enjoyed his material on TV and in a few movies, and now, thanks to a Youtube user with too much time on his hands, here is a fabulous routine with accompanying Lego animation:

January 9, 2008

Interesting stuff I’ve read in the last couple of days

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1. A terrific profile of Melinda Gates from My favorite snarky moment:

She made valedictorian and got into Notre Dame. But Notre Dame did not get her. When she and her dad visited, she recalls, officials at the university told them that “computers are a fad” and that they were shrinking the computer science department. “I was crushed,” Melinda says. Duke, which was expanding in computer science, got her instead.

2. Guns don’t kill people. People don’t kill people. Dogs with guns kill people.

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