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May 14, 2006

Good news, bad news… just news.

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Life & death in Israel:
U.S. teen hurt in Tel Aviv suicide bombing in April dies of wounds, while on the same day, The terrorist who planned the attack is killed by the IDF
One of the things I want to encourage with this blog (and the discussion I hope will ensue shortly) is a well-informed audience. To that end, I want to reccommend news sources about Israel that the general public (and even some of the Jewish public) may not take advantage of regularly or even be aware of (I’ll put these in the sidebar, as well):


  • Ha’aretz – Israel’s newspaper of record, available in English and Hebrew.
  • The Jerusalem Post – An English-language daily published in Jerusalem.
  • Galei Tzahal – Israeli Army radio; the web site, in Hebrew only, is updated often with breaking news. Two radio feeds are available as free Windows Media streams: 1) Galgalatz, an all-music station, the only broadcast radio I listen to any more (it is usually on all day at work), and 2) the original Galei Tzahal, which includes a lot of talk shows and interviews, as well as music programming.

I’d like to list more sources, including new media. I’m open to suggestions. Please send them to howdoyoujew @ gmail dot com (remove the spaces and replace the word “dot” with… well, you know).

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