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June 16, 2006

I know a few lawyers, and they’re not at all this ignorant.

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This morning’s Daily Highlights linked to an AP story about an ugly legal battle in Chicago involving the circumcision of a young boy. In the middle of the piece, I found this gem:

David Llewellyn, an Atlanta attorney who specializes in circumcision cases, is helping the father’s attorneys without fee. He called the surgery “a bizarre American custom.”

Ignorance of such mindboggling proportion is rare, I think, even in an AP story, and even from the mouth of a lawyer. I wouldn’t even know where to start refuting the statement, but pointing out the fallacy of referring to it as “American” would be one place to start. The esteemed Mr. Llewellyn MIGHT be reached at 770-918-1911 (I say might because the page that number came from is a bit dated), or 2 Putnam Drive, N.W. Atlanta, GA 30342. If someone can track down an email for him, let me know.

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