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  • Why I Love Hadag Nahash – למה אני אוהב את הדג נחש

    This is not an exhaustive list, but I’m immersing myself in old and new material (מקומי and otherwise) in preparation for tonight’s live show at Porter’s Pub at UCSD (link to Facebook event page; go there or ping me directly for ticket info – $20 for non-students). 1. Crowd-sourced video for BaSalon shel Salomon (In…

  • Book Review: Anansi Boys

    This paragraph from Neil Gaiman’s wonderful book of mythology, love, intrigue, and travel made me want to hug the author: It was sort of like Macbeth, thought Fat Charlie, an hour later; in fact, if the witches in Macbeth had been four little old ladies and if, instead of stirring cauldrons and intoning dread incantations,…

  • I find your lack of attribution disturbing

    I was happy to catch this interview with Ridley Scott on NPR yesterday afternoon on the way home from work. Today is the release day for Blade Runner: The Final Cut, Scott’s latest (and allegedly last) reworking of his 1982 classic, so he talked to Michelle Norris about the movie and his inspirations for it.…

  • Freedom of speech in real life.

    I had never heard of Mike Daisey before today, but I am a big fan now. Make sure you read the followup, too.

  • An utter, beautiful waste of time.

    Once again, BoingBoing provides good entertainment, not to mention edification.