The One-State (final) Solution

I wrote the below as a comment on a FB post, which I imagine will only get m more engagement from awful content like it, but I was somehow inspired and I’m pretty satisfied with what came out extemporaneously:
The fact that this showed up in my Facebook feed is the strongest evidence yet that the platform is a bad joke, and there was plenty of evidence before this.

This is a recipe for Jewish genocide. If you’re Jewish and support this, your self-hatred and delusional thinking won’t save you. It hasn’t saved a single Jew throughout history, it’s only made the jobs of murderous non-Jewish antisemites easier.

We have the one state we need. It’s Israel, and every citizen of that state is free to express themselves in every way, religiously, culturally, philosophically, and otherwise (there are undoubtedly Israeli citizens who think your one-state solution is a fine idea). Most of the Arab and larger Muslim world has used the Palestinians as an excuse for their antisemitism since before the Palestinians even knew they existed themselves. For the last few decades, as the writing on the neighborhood wall was turning toward acceptance and coexistence, economic development and prosperity, the most powerful non-Arab Islamic Republic concentrated its efforts on undermining that progress in the region and throughout the West.

Despite the setbacks, Israel will remain, a liberal democracy (imperfect like all others) that draws its energy from a wellspring of life, while the death cult of radical Islam does its utmost to defeat us and our allies around the world. We will win. Life will prevail. Am Israel Chai. And if the Palestinian people choose life, they will thrive alongside us and we will all benefit.