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I have to go back to my webcomics post from the other day to add links.

I have to let my family and friends know I’m updating the blog regularly and I’d appreciate it if I got some readers and comments.

I have an account with Gootodo, a terrific web-based to-do list application created by Mark Hurst, who I’m proud to know. I have to start using gootodo more, and more efficiently. The week of the wildfires was more disruptive than I previously thought, so this week and next (which is short due to the Thanksgiving holiday) are busier and more packed than usual. I got an account with Jott, too, which I’ve used a couple of times and like, and it might be helpful in conjunction with gootodo: think of something I need to do, and if I’m not in front of a computer, call Jott with a reminder to add the item to gootodo. So far I’ve been using my Treo‘s calendar for personal reminders, but I need a system for work stuff.

I have to stop feeling guilty for watching fluff like Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer when I want to veg out and relax at the end of a long day. I’m going to try to offset the fluff with stuff I should have seen already, like Network (Blockbuster’s one copy was checked out when I went the other day, so it’ll wait) and Say Anything (waiting for me and Jenn to find time together).

Hey, I’m glad we had a chance to have this little talk. It’s been really helpful! Thanks!



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2 responses to “Linking, reading, commenting, calendaring, working, relaxing”

  1. veronique Avatar

    I am always hear to listen. and apparently to make comments

  2. Bethel Avatar

    Hey, you have me here now! Now that I have your blog address, and have bookmarked, and I know it’s being updated regularly, I now have it on my rotation of the three blogs I read regularly (your wife’s being another one of the three). Thanks for allowing me/us this great way of keeping up to date on waht’s going on in your lives!
    Signed up for next year’s 3 Day yet? We are!